Dave’s Plumbing and Property Maintenance


Dave’s Plumbing and Property Maintenance brings 44 years of experience to clients in El Albir, Alicante and the surrounding area.

This experience took Dave across England, Scotland and Wales, working on a variety of projects for private clients and local authorities. He also worked in the leisure and hospitality industries before moving to Spain more than six years ago.

Now Dave takes great pride in delighting customers around him with its high build quality and competitive pricing.

RENOVATION SERVICE: For your bathroom and kitchen.

Plumbing is the core service that he offers throughout his professional life. He offers a complete renovation service for your bathroom and kitchen. Dave ensures that your project runs smoothly and arrives on time with minimal disruption to your daily life. He can also fix your drainage and clogged trash units.

But it’s not just plumbers that Dave has in his repertoire. Other work performed includes general maintenance of land, fences, gates, and repairs and refurbishments of real estate. He can also tile your walls and floors, install decking, and decorate your home. If that’s not enough, Dave can renovate your trailer too. In fact, the list of services just goes on and on.

Dave boasts that no job is too small, so why not put him to the test!

You can reach him at www.davesplumbingspain.com or by calling 602 684 116.