Customer desperate for response from Memphis roofing company contacts Problem Solvers

Customer desperate for response from Memphis roofing company contacts Problem Solvers

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A Memphis roofing company responded to a frustrated customer after the Problem Solvers were involved.

Trena Beasley had to replace her roof in 2015.

“I ended up getting two offers before this company, but I got a recommendation from a friend and picked them,” said Beasley.

She speaks of Brian Elder Roofing, who describes himself as “the best commercial and residential roofer in Memphis”. They also have an A + rating from the Better Business Bureau of the Mid-South.

“In the end, I had the entire roof replaced. At least I thought I had put on a brand new roof, ”she said.

She paid more than $ 8,000 for the new roof. But about six years later, within her warranty, she said the roof had problems including a leak in her attic and shingles peeling off.

She called the company several times and said that someone even came out, but they always said she would have to see Brian Elder herself to fix the problem. So she got another roofer to do the job and paid another $ 2,000 out of pocket.

“I haven’t seen him, nor have I heard from him, nor has he come here to my house,” she said.

When Beasley got stuck, she called the problem solver. We called Brian Elder Roofing.

More from the problem solvers

We spoke to the Beasley sales rep who had a familiar answer.

“You need to speak to Brian Elder,” said Dwight Treadwell.

Finally, a receptionist gave Elder’s cell phone number. When we spoke to him, the first thing he said was that he was unfamiliar with Beasley’s case.

“I have to investigate. I don’t know anything about it, ”he said.

But when he continued it sounded like he knew a little more.

“That is not a roof problem. We only replaced the roof, ”he says.

We asked what he meant by “it’s not a problem with the roof,” but at that point he asked for a few days to look into it.

Still, we asked why Beasley couldn’t get anyone to answer her.

“You catch me off guard. I’m not one hundred percent sure, ”Elder said.

It turns out that despite the company’s A + rating, they have some complaints that sound similar to Beasley’s experience. On their BBB page, a customer wrote that “dealing with them was a nightmare. I called, they said they were going to send someone out, nobody would show up… ”In response, Brian Elder Roofing offered this customer a“ full refund ”.

After our intervention, Elder and Beasley finally bonded.

“Brian Elder contacted me and wanted to do things right,” she said.

She told him how much she had spent on proofreading and soon got a refund check in her mailbox.

“I’m so glad that I can leave all of this behind,” she said.

WREG offered to interview Elder about its business practices, but he declined the offer.


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