County Commissioners award hangar repair bid to Crawford Roofing

County Commissioners award hangar repair bid to Crawford Roofing

By John Lee | | Twitter: @jcl1987

The Gray County Commissioners awarded a hangar repair bid to Crawford Roofing on Friday morning during a regularly-scheduled meeting.

The bid was chosen out of three bids against Parsley’s Roofing and LBK Roofing out of Lubbock.

Crawford’s bid was for $79,000 (hangar) and $6,750 for shiny roofing on the residence, while LBK Roofing’s was for $66,735 and Parsley’s was for $17,000 (bid was for repair only). Crawford’s bid included repair and re-roof, 10-year warranty and more coating at the sections of the hangar that need it.

The Commissioners had roughly $80,000 in insurance claims and depreciation and used budgeted airport maintenance to make up the difference in costs for the Crawford bid. Representatives for both Crawford Roofing and Parsley’s Roofing were present at the meeting. The Commissioners discussed with both representatives the hangar repair needs before deciding on Crawford.

“The difference for me (between Crawford and LBK) is the five-year warranty (from LBK) and the 10-year warranty (from Crawford) and the fact they are putting an extra gallon-and-a-half of coating per roofing square,” County Judge Chris Porter said. “I’d rather get this buttoned up and not worry about it for a decade.”

The Commissioners also approved the abandonment of a half-mile of road on County Road 22 near Highway 152.

Commissioner Logan Hudson said the first mile will remain a public road, but the second half of the road has been absorbed into agricultural production.

“County Road 22 extends south of Highway 152 and according to the county map it’s a mile and a half,” Hudson said. “In reality, the last half-mile has been taken into agriculture so that road no longer exists.”

The road was also discussed as county resident Tom Jones asked for more attention to be paid to the road as it floods during rains.

Hudson said his crews are working on getting more material to that road.

“We’ve been bringing material in but it’s not met Mr. Jones’ standards, so far,” Hudson said. “We are currently working to finish up County Road 17 to bring more material in on the first half-mile that’s in the low spot. We’re going to repair the pot-hole where the feed lot is coming in. But I don’t have any plans to repair the entire road.”

Porter noted to Jones that any discussion about the road needs to be handled between he and Hudson, as Hudson is the commissioner for the precinct.

“The Court can’t order him to do something,” Porter said. “He is the end-all, be-all for all of the roads in his precinct. The negotiation is between he and you, not the Commissioners Court.”

Hudson wanted to assure Jones that it’s his intention to maintain the road.

“I don’t intend to not maintain the road,” Hudson said. “I just think our definitions of ‘well-maintained’ are entirely different. But we are going to continue to bring materials in. The material I brought in is very similar to what I can bring in the future. I don’t have access to any other local materials.”

The Commissioners also approved the following items:

• Minutes of the previous meeting

• Pay Bills as Approved by the County Auditor

• Removing Heather Swafford as Treasurer Office Signatory and Adding Terri Kitchens as Treasurer Office Signatory

• Mileage rate increase to the IRS rate of $.625 per mile from $.585 per mile effective July 1, 2022.

• Approval to Accept ARPA Funds for Gray County from the Federal Government. The County received their second traunch to the tune of $2,125,549.50.

• US Forestry Service Contract Buyout for Lake McClellan Service.

The Commissioners tabled:

• Action for Obsolete Computer Equipment, Accessories and Furniture as Salvage for Disposal

• Agreements for Caliche.

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