Council approves formal tree, limb trimming guidelines for city utilities

Council approves formal tree, limb trimming guidelines for city utilities

Nelson County Gazette/WBRT Radio

Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2022 — The Bardstown City Council formalized its policy for trimming trees, shrubs and branches that extend close to the city’s electric and cable utility lines.

The regulations are designed to formalize the city’s current practices for trimming trees that grow to close to the city’s power transmission lines, or the service lines that bring power into a residence.

At the previous council meeting Engineer Eric Richter told the council that the tree trimming will be conducted on a two-year trimming cycle, cutting back limbs and vegetation intruding on power lines.

Trees that grow under power lines are another problem the city has to deal with, and those trees will be topped in necessary to prevent limbs from intruding on power lines.

The policy will allow for the city to pay for replacement of some trees in certain cases.

The goal is to keep limbs from intruding closer than 3 feet from the lowest utility line. The standards for service lines is to create a foot of clearance around the line from the utility pole to the house.

ENGINEERING SERVICES. The council also approved an engineering services contract agreement with Lexington-based HDR Engineering at its regular meeting Tuesday night.

HDR Engineering will design, plan and oversee the construction of a new Withrown Creek sewer pump station, as well as approximately 4 miles of new, larger capacity sewer lines that will pipe effluent to the city’s treatment plan on Sutherland Lane.

This is project that’s long overdue, City Engineer Jessica Filiatreau told the council.

“This is a plan that’s been on my five-year plan for the past 10 years,” she said. “It’s a project that’s needed, given the amount of growth in the west end of our county.”

The new line will be built in two branches and extend from the Withrow Creek pump station north past Boston Road, on toward Templin Ave and KY 245.

The 4 miles of replacement sewer line will be large enough to handle the anticipated future needs for sewers along the KY 245 corridor.

The new pump station will have the largest capacity of any currently used in the city system.

The project is estimated to take about 15 months to complete, provided there are no delays due to supply line disruptions.

PARKWAY DRIVE WATER LINE. The council approved awarding a contract to purchase materials to build a water main extension that will serve the Parkway Drive area.

The new main will create a “loop” in the water main serving the area, allowing it to be served from two directions if water service is interrupted.

The total cost of materials is $626,091.

In other business, the council:

— approved the necessary street closures for the Tri-County United Way Spirit 5k for the need street closures for this annual run/walk event.

NEXT UP. The council will next meet at 6 pm on Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2022.


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