Commission to weigh in on removal of dying oak tree | News

Commission to weigh in on removal of dying oak tree | News

An oak tree that is more than 100 years old at the McCalla Center at the northeast corner of Central and Schaefer Avenues is being proposed for removal because an arborist said it is infested with beetles and wood-boring pests.

The recommendation for removing the tree and planting two replacement trees will be considered by the Chino Planning Commission at 7 pm on Monday in council chambers, 13220 Central Ave.

The tree is located in a field near Central Avenue, west of Subway, which has caused constraints for applicants who want to develop that portion of the center.

The McCalla Center site encompasses 12 buildings totaling 137,430 square feet, including Subway, Mercury Insurance, JoJo Nail Salon, and several other businesses.

City Planner Warren Morelion said all of the McCalla Center has been developed except for the vacant site where the tree is located.

Some buildings in the McCalla Center are under construction and close to completion, including industrial buildings on the northeast side of the center and a commercial building nearest to Central Avenue, he said.

Over the years, arborists have recommended different measures to protect the tree’s health, Mr. Morelion said.

“It’s not getting any better and the pests have a potential to spread further,” he said. The tree is one of two oaks that grew at the site, but in 2011 the commission voted to remove one of the trees after deciding it was beyond saving. Since then, the remaining oak tree has been cared for, but arborists don’t believe it can survive, according to a staff report.

The tree removal is one of three items to be discussed at the Planning Commission meeting. See Page B1.

Written comments may be submitted to and will be accepted by the Development Services Department through 5:30 pm Monday, Aug. 15 or at the hearing.

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