Clark Roofing and Siding Celebrates 25 Years

Clark Roofing and Siding Celebrates 25 Years

Clark Roofing and Siding, Inc. is a premier roofing and siding company serving Chesapeake, VA, Virginia Beach, VA, and Elizabeth City, NC. They help homeowners achieve high-quality results for all their exterior projects including roof replacement, siding replacement, gutters, gutter guards, decks, porches, trim, soffit, and more.

CHESAPEAKE, VA / ACCESSWIRE / August 31, 2022 / Clark Roofing and Siding, Inc. celebrates twenty-five years in business. The Class A contracting company was started by Charles “Chuck” Clark in 1997. Chuck has always had the vision to share his expertise and experience with homeowners. He helps homeowners achieve high-quality results for all their exterior projects including roof replacement, siding replacement, gutters, gutter guards, decks, porches, trim, soffit, and more.

In the beginning, Chuck personally did everything. He was the estimator, the production coordinator, the installer, the customer service rep, and the bookkeeper. Shortly thereafter, Chuck began adding team members and expanding his reach into the other Hampton Roads communities that neighbor Chesapeake Virginia. After a few years, he began stepping away from the production aspects of the company and Chuck put his efforts into researching the best material offerings, educating customers on the best solutions for their projects, and growing the business. Through the years, Chuck established relationships with various builders allowing Clark Roofing and Siding, Inc. to install new roofs and new siding on thousands of new construction homes. The presence in the new construction sector put the company, the team, and the wrapped trucks on the map all around Northeastern North Carolina and Hampton Roads Virginia. Presently, the company works directly with residential customers, homeowner associations, and property managers. It makes Chuck happy to hear that a customer is calling because they were referred by their friend, family, or neighbor. It’s even more rewarding when a customer that bought a new construction home twenty-five years ago calls the company back to do their replacement roof or siding project. Chuck makes friends with almost every customer that he’s helped. The core values ​​say it all. Clark CARES – The company is compassionate, accommodating, respectful, enthusiastic, & successful.

In 2020, Chuck’s wife, Donna, joined the company as the General Manager. She is the front face of the organization; providing customer service, negotiating with suppliers, and managing the financial aspects of the company.

Last year, Chuck’s life dream to have his son, Charles, one day succeed him in the family business was set into motion. Charles came to work for the company right out of high school last year and he’s spent the last year learning various aspects of the company. It is Chuck’s hope that the company will continue serving the same community he made roots in for many years to come.

Chuck takes pride in the experience that his company offers. He is quick to remind his team and potential customers that he lives in the community that he serves. He desires to leave all customers happy with their decision to do business with Clark Roofing and Siding from project start to finish. Twenty-five years is a long time, and it has given Clark Roofing and Siding, Inc. the opportunity to help many homeowners love and appreciate their homes which, for most, is their biggest investment. Whether a customer has a leaking roof or needs an entirely new roof, has a piece of siding that has fallen off, or wants a complete siding upgrade, Clark Roofing and Siding will help.

In 2022, Chuck came to the assistance of one of his customers from ten years ago. The customer lives on the bay front in Norfolk VA. When a manufacturer’s defect was identified and confirmed with a material that was used, he notified the supplier on the customer’s behalf. After months of trying to get the manufacturer’s resolution during a pandemic, Chuck decided to remedy the issue at his expense. Clark Roofing and Siding bought the customer a new roof their home.

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Clark Roofing & Siding, Inc. is a Class A Contractor with locations in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, Virginia. The company was started by Chuck Clark, in 1997, and continues to be family-owned and operated. Since then, the company has grown and has been given many opportunities to help customers throughout Hampton Roads, Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina. For more information, visit or call (757) 485-1000!

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