‘Civic body can save leaning trees instead of cutting them’

‘Civic body can save leaning trees instead of cutting them’

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“Even if a mature tree loses its main root, it is likely to survive as long as the rest of the tree remains strong and stable. To help such trees thrive on their own, the need is to prune back the area around their trunk,” claimed Cadieu Tree Experts, a leading tree services company in the world, on its website.

The Hitavada, on June 23, had published two photographs of a full grown tree near Press Club in Civil Lines that were leaning following a thunderstorm. The very next day, the contractor assigned by Garden Department of Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) cut the tree from bottom ‘to avoid’ any mishap.

However, former tree committee member Sachin Khobragade said, “The tree was alive and it was just leaning, though dangerously. It could be saved and allowed to straighten naturally by putting some temporary support around it.”

When enquired by ‘The Hitavada’, Amol Chaurpagar, Garden Superintendent, said, “The tree had already fallen. There was no permission required to cut such trees if they are causing obstructions. The Garden Department cuts fallen trees that obstruct traffic on roads or pose any threat to commuters or government properties.”

“The Dharampeth Zone garden contractor cut the tree from its trunk without taking any permission from the civic body. Illegal tree felling in the city has increased, specially during monsoon. In recent time, many cases of illegal tree felling in Dharampeth Zone were brought to the notice of the Garden Department by citizens, but no action was initiated in any of the complains,” alleged Khobragade.

Prachi Mahurkar, Ecologist, Punarnava Ecological Services and former tree committee member, said, “Choking as well as root-cutting are some of the serious issues faced by roadside trees. Without sufficient root mass, a tree cannot stand and gets uprooted easily. But, we could save leaning matured trees like the one that was cut down in Civil Lines. The tree could have been a featured element.”

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2022-06-30 02:27:29