City Launches Interactive Tree Map

City Launches Interactive Tree Map

By Beth Milligan | January 13, 2022

The City of Traverse City has released a publicly accessible interactive tree map that shows the locations of street trees throughout the city. The map includes information such as genus, species, height, diameter at breast height (DBH), and other metrics for each individual tree, allowing residents to get information about trees in their neighborhoods and other public spaces, and to report problems with trees.

The database is continuously updated as the city plants new trees and removes existing trees, according to a statement from the city. Each street tree is marked with an identification number. A citizen can make an inquiry online by clicking on a tree in question, entering the tree ID number and reporting the problem. The option for citizens to donate to the city tree fund or donate a tribute tree is also available. In addition to street trees, city officials are working on an inventory of trees in city parks and city lots to include in the interactive map.

The map is a cross-departmental collaboration between the Department of Public Services, including the Department of Asset Management and Parks, and the city’s GIS department, which “enables staff to make decisions about tree management, including planting, care and long-term planning.” ,” the press release said. Since 2017, the city has planted nearly 1,500 trees on streets and in parks.