City Ash Trees Receive Ash Borer Treatment from Public Works Partner

City Ash Trees Receive Ash Borer Treatment from Public Works Partner


Des Moines, Iowa — Friday, June 3, 2022 — The Des Moines Forestry Division is embarking on one of its greatest efforts yet to combat the emerald ash borer in Des Moines.

Approximately 150 ash trees along Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway, received their first treatments today as part of a donation from Arbor Masters, a regional tree care company.

“This is a massive boost to this corridor of Des Moines,” City Forester Shane McQuillan said. “It’d be a shame to lose the hundreds of Ash trees along this road, which was the unfortunate situation we were staring down. This treatment should prolong or save the lives of these trees, and preserve the benefits that Des Moines reaps from them.”

The Emerald Ash Borer has threatened Ash trees in the Des Moines metro for years leading to increased tree removals, plantings and maintenance for the City of Des Moines. When ash the emerald ash borer arrived in Des Moines, there were roughly 8,000 City ash trees. In the years since, McQuillan estimates his division has removed 6,000 – 7,000 of the ash trees with more scheduled for removal this year.

“The shame is losing mature trees,” McQuillan said. “When trees like this are taken from our urban forest, you can’t replace them overnight or even over the next few years. It takes decades to recover what our tree canopy has lost – which is why are excited to hang on to these beautiful trees.”

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Arbor Masters and its partner companies Arborjet, Ecologel and SiteOne Landscape Supply completed initial treatment of the trees between SW 2nd Ave. and SW 9th Ave. Friday, and will continue to maintain and treat those trees on an ongoing basis.

“These trees are a part of the heritage of Des Moines,” Arbor Masters arbor advisor Jacquelyn Palmer said. “We’re happy to be able to contribute to the effort of maintaining these highly visible trees so that the City of Des Moines doesn’t lose their benefits in stormwater retention, energy savings and overall beauty of the city.”

Arborjet donates products and services as part of their “Saving America’s Iconic Trees,” program, a company initiative to ensure the health and longevity of the country’s trees. The campaign targets America’s most beloved trees, often located in public parks and gardens and other historic sites, offering complementary treatment to prevent insects, disease and poor health. Arborjet | Ecologel is a revolutionary plant health care company that has been working to help mitigate the devastation of invasive species and to save trees in over 150 municipalities across the country. Research shows that trunk injections not only help save trees, but are also far more cost effective than removing and replacing mature trees.