Chase Roofing Now Offers Roof Repairs under My Safe Florida Home program in Pompano Beach

Chase Roofing Now Offers Roof Repairs under My Safe Florida Home program in Pompano Beach

Residents staying in Pompano Beach, FL, know very well how awful the weather can be at times. From hurricanes to heavy rainstorms, there is nothing more important than properly protecting your home from any kind of storm damage. Because of this hardship, many people seek the help of roofing repair services to help fix their roofs after a huge storm.

However, did you know that Pompano Beach residents can prevent roof damage from occurring in the first place and save money while at it? That’s right! Chase Roofing has recently been approved to offer grant-funded roof upgrades as part of the My Safe Florida Home program.

What is the My Safe Florida Home Program?

Florida Department of Financial Services (DFS) launched My Safe Florida Home (MSFH) in 2022 to offer a free Wind Mitigation Home Inspection and a Wind Mitigation Grant to residents of Pompano Beach. This is to help address any potential damages and risks their home may face during hurricanes. Only approved contractors can provide mitigation upgrades under the MSFH program.

Chase Roofing, a roofing contractor in Pompano Beach, was added to My Safe Florida Home-approved contractors list on January 13, 2023.

We have been providing reliable roofing services like roof replacement, roof installation, and roof repair in South Florida for over 19 years. Residents in Pompano Beach can now enjoy our roofing services while taking advantage of My Safe Florida Home’s free Wind Mitigation Home Inspection and Grant.

Under this program, you can strengthen your home against hurricanes and other wind damage using appropriate construction methods, designs, and materials.

Participants in this program also benefit from discounted insurance premiums while ensuring their homes are well-protected against extreme weather conditions.

The legislature has also exempted home-hardening developments from sales tax. So you can Purchase impact-resistant doors, impact-resistant windows, and impact-resistant garage doors without paying sales tax (6%) until June 30, 2024.

The Florida Department of Financial Services anticipates performing between 140,000 and 145,000 initial Wind Mitigation Inspections on eligible homeowners. The inspections will help identify the amount of protection each home requires and the amount of grant money that can be used for hardening projects.

The DFS also expects to provide between 11,000 and 12,000 Wind Mitigation Grants to finance projects such as:

  • Upgrades to roof coverings

  • Improvements to the Strength of Roof Deck Attachments

  • Roof to Wall Connections Reinforcements

  • Installations for Secondary Water Barriers for Roofs

  • Exterior door upgrades

  • Garage door upgrades

  • window upgrades

Once you’re approved for the program, you can receive a $2 grant for every $1 you spend on hurricane mitigation upgrades. The grant can reach up to a maximum of $10,000, but you must invest at least $5,000 of your own money in hurricane mitigation measures to receive the full grant amount.

Who Can Apply for My Safe Florida Home?

Given the many benefits of the program, Pompano Beach residents are surely eager to know how they can apply.

To qualify for the MSFH program, you must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Provide proof that your home is insured for an amount no higher than $500,000

  • Provide evidence of homestead exemption

  • Must be located in an area prone to wind-borne debris

  • Must have received your initial building permit prior to January 1, 2008

Hurricanes, windstorms, and other high-wind events have the potential to cause major damage to homes that are not properly equipped to withstand such inclement conditions.

The team at Chase Roofing in Pompano Beach is well-versed in helping residents protect their properties and take advantage of the My Safe Florida Home Program. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Chase Roofing for more information – we’re here to lend a hand in preparing you and your home’s safety.

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