Charles Barkley Says If Michael Jordan Was A Plumber He Wouldn

Charles Barkley Says If Michael Jordan Was A Plumber He Wouldn

Charles Barkley claimed that Michael Jordan’s massive net worth made him a good-looking guy, said if MJ was a plumber things would have been different.

Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley have known each other for decades. They were once great rivals during their playing days in the NBA. During that time, the two players eventually became friends and made some great memories together.

But it doesn’t take a lot to break a friendship, and the same happened with Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley a few years ago. After retiring from the NBA, Barkley became an analyst and didn’t think twice before criticizing anyone. He did so with Jordan’s lack of success as the owner of the Charlotte Hornets, which ultimately cost him his friendship with the Bulls legend.

The two former stars may no longer be friends, but they have given fans their fair share of chuckles with humorous interviews and whatnot.

Charles Barkley Roasted Michael Jordan For Considered Being Good Looking

Back in 2005, during an appearance on The Oprah Show, Charles Barkley roasted Michael Jordan for being considered a good-looking guy. Barkley pointed out that the reason behind Jordan’s good looks was his humongous net worth.

Eight years down the line in 2013, Barkley reiterated his point and, this time around added more to the roast. The only difference was that the two former NBA stars were no longer friends when Chuck decided to roast MJ about the same things two times.

(Starts at 2:43)

“People tell me he’s good-looking. First of all, he’s not good-looking. He’s not. Every man who’s got $500 million is good-looking. But, seriously, if he was a plumber, people wouldn’t be saying he’s good-looking.”

Barkley may have received another call from Jordan about roasting him on television. There is a huge chance of that happening if Michael Jordan took it personally, but only Barkley can tell MJ’s reaction. If there was any reaction altogether. After all, by that time, Jordan had cut all ties with Barkley.

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