Callery Pear Tree Management | Village of Oswego, Illinois

Callery Pear Tree Management | Village of Oswego, Illinois
Callery Pear Tree Management | Village of Oswego, Illinois

Callery Pear Tree Management | Village of Oswego, Illinois

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Callery Pear Tree Management
Updated April 28, 2022

Over the past few years many of the Callery Pear (Pyrus calleryana) trees on Village parkways have been infected with a common tree disease, Fire Blight. These invasive trees naturally have a weak wood and branch structure, and they are highly susceptible to wind and ice damage. Unfortunately, when they fall or lose large limbs, they become hazardous to our community.

After months of studying the trees in partnership with Great Lakes Urban Forestry Management and consulting with The Morton Arboretum, the decision was made to remove the Village’s existing Callery Pear trees. It was determined that large scale treatment of Fire Blight would be ineffective. In addition, Callery Pear trees are considered invasive and have been excluded from the Village’s list of approved trees for public rights-of-ways and green spaces.

View Great Lakes Urban Forestry Management’s report on managing the Village’s Callery Pear trees.

Removing and replacing the Village’s Callery Pear trees will take several years. The removals will begin with the trees which have been identified as the oldest, sickest and most hazardous. The tree stumps will be removed by a Village contractor.

Replacement trees will be planted by the Village as the budget allows. There is no cost to Oswego homeowners, however; the species of the tree will be selected by the village to allow for greater tree diversity. By participating in the Village’s 50/50 Tree Replacement program, residents can speed up the replanting of a tree by choosing a specific replacement tree from a preapproved list and share in the cost of the new tree.

Please visit to sign-up for the 50/50 Tree Replacement Program.

Callery Pear Tree Management | Village of Oswego, Illinois Callery Pear blooming not good shape Callery Pear poor condition full tree