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One of my favorite authors and illustrators of children’s books is Hilary Knight. You can recognize the name as an illustrator of author Kay Thompson’s Eloise books. His work is imaginative and full of hidden details. One of his many books is Where’s Wallace; a Search the page for the character story dating back more than 20 years before Where’s Waldo.

Where’s Wallace follows the outrageous adventures of a curious orangutan who explores and tries on his hat in various locations such as the department store, museum, and ballpark. It is noteworthy that all the scenes are full of people; finally it was released in 1964 before the pandemic. Not only is it visually pleasing and fun to read, but it’s an early visual education of the people that encompasses the shops and places that Wallace visits. These are the people in your neighborhood.

It would be wonderful to have a similar representation of the many places in the NEK and Nordland that are cherished by so many. Only if it were recreated today, would so many people be seen in the panorama? Would the “Help wanted” and “Setting” signs be in the windows? What we see now is a visualization crisis; potential workers cannot imagine how not only can they fit into the bigger picture but also thrive as valued contributors to the regional economy. The need for skilled workers and workers in this area is great. Perhaps the chances have never been greater.

Trombly plumbing in St. Johnsbury there is a sign on the door that reads “Turn Your Job In a Career”. President of Trombly Plumbing Heide Wallek announced that the company is a training and apprenticeship company with the motto “From today’s apprentices to tomorrow’s technicians”. You bring licensed technicians together with trainees and see the need for skilled workers as crucial for the industry. As such, Heather is the founder of Trades Up LLC, a post-secondary craft school teaching licensed crafts in Vermont: plumbing, heating and air conditioning, electrical, sheet metal, carpentry, and hoping to add heavy equipment in the future. She said, “I founded Trades Up LLC, inspired by working in the plumbing and heating industry for the past 25 years. The current demand exceeds the availability of technicians. With Trades Up LLC, we’re helping you climb our ladder to success. ”Trades Up used part of the showroom as a classroom and held its second course in June, an introduction to plumbing and heating tips for women. The needs of the industry are real and the Trombly Plumbing team is working to develop solutions. For more information or to work with Trades Up LLC, contact Founder Heather Wallek at or call (802) 748-1953. Trombly Plumbing is located at 77 Concord Avenue in Saint Johnsbury.

What would you do if you found a rubber slider in a container with unpackaged items? If you were Nick Wood and Jules Chatot You would start a professional window cleaning company. Nick said, “Finding the squeegee was a sign that became a catalyst for the company.” Together, Nick, Jules and Amanda Lowre are co-owners of Wooden window, Window and gutter cleaning. They work within an hour and a half of Cabot and recently celebrated their first full season in business, working with heavy customer interest in Peacham, Danville, Stowe, Montpelier and increasingly the Saint Johnsbury / Lyndon / Burke area. The window cleaning season runs from May to October and now it’s time to book appointments for spring. Nick said, “We started this spring with people looking forward to buying the service as a Mother’s Day gift. Business picked up quickly, mostly through word of mouth. ”Nick is a native of the Charlotte, North Carolina area and met Jules four years ago while sugaring together for a maple operation in Marshfield. Their families get along well and they all form a good team, which is reflected in their pleasant and friendly relationship. All three owners serve private and business customers and work in harmony with Amanda, who often provides location estimates. In addition to cleaning windows and gutters, Wood’s Windows can also clean ceiling fans, chandeliers, mirrors and interior glass such as closets. With their first season ending on November 3rd, Nick and Jules said they look forward to establishing local businesses as repeat customers. They hope to grow the business over the next 3-5 years to increase staff and have multiple trucks. Jules said, “Wood’s Windows is a business we enjoy and can grow as our customer base grows. We’re also in the sugar industry for the May through October season. ”Jules and Nick worked for large sugaring companies and recently started another new company, Maple Medics, which provides technical support for small sugar bush sugar companies from 400 to 500. In this business they are on site, installing, developing and setting up the business.

Wood’s Windows offers the real benefits of having clean windows. Window cleaning improves the air quality inside the house by removing allergens and mold, protecting and preserving the windows, window sills and frames, improving the appearance of the house, increasing heating efficiency and improving your health by allowing natural light and Their appearance enhances prospects. A clean window increases general happiness. For more information, please contact Amanda Lowre at Wood’s Windows (802) 249-8308 or email

In addition to cleaning windows, Amanda Lowre works as a masseuse for Azalea sun in Danville. Amanda is originally from Peacham and studied massage therapy at Green Mountain Massage School. She is the owner of Forget me knot Massage therapy and offers various modalities including Swedish massage, deep tissue, reflexology, hot stone therapy, Thai yoga massage, and aromatherapy and hydrotherapy spa treatments. The Azalea Sun is located on 15A Hill Street in Danville. Call Amanda at (802) 249-8308 for massage information.

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