Bid to trim Great Yarmouth starling mess trees

Bid to trim Great Yarmouth starling mess trees

2:14 PM September 2, 2022

5:55 PM September 2, 2022

Respite could be coming for Great Yarmouth residents plagued by bird mess from roosting starlings covering their homes and cars.

There has been a long-running issue in the Kent Square area of ​​the town of starlings roosting in trees leaving mess on properties and vehicles.

The problems has seen Great Yarmouth Borough Council use lasers to try and put off the birds nesting in five holm oak trees in the square.

The Kent Square trees are home to an army of starlings
– Credit: Sonya Duncan

And now a council plan to trim back the protected trees could bring solace to the many residents fed up of continually cleaning up the mess.

On Wednesday, September 7, the council’s development control committee is to look at a scheme to trim back branches and tree limbs.

While the bid by Great Yarmouth Borough Services was originally put in due to overhanging branches impacting on traffic, the council says the cutting back of the trees will have the added bonus of hopefully stopping starlings roosting in the five trees.

A car covered in starling mess caused by the Kent Square flock

A car covered in starling mess caused by the Kent Square flock
– Credit: Sonya Duncan

A planning paper to be discussed at September 7’s meeting from 7pm says: “The trees provide habitat to starlings – and the starlings are a ‘red list’ species in decline so there is a national interest in their preservation and enhancement.

“However, their roosting in Kent Square has in turn resulted in adverse impacts to local residents.

Bins covered in starling droppings

Bins covered in starling droppings
– Credit: Sonya Duncan

“The works proposed to the trees will restrict the opportunities for nesting as well as allow more air to move under the trees’ canopies – helping to improve their heath.”

The planning papers show that 12 letters were sent in supporting the tree trimming bid.

Reasons for support given were it will help with the starlings issue, it will ensure the trees are healthy, trees are currently blocking light and it will help to clean up the area.

Starlings have a wide range of calls including some astonishing mimicry

Starlings have been causing a mess in Kent Square
– Credit: Archant

if approved the tree trimming of the five holm oaks will remove all branches that exist up to 5m from the ground level, cutting back any remaining limbs above 5m height by up to two meters from their tips and thinning canopies by a maximum of 20pc.

The scheme is recommended by approval by council planners.

The land is owned by Great Yarmouth Borough Council and is in a conservation area.

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