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Bethpage Church Severely Damaged In Fire

Bethpage Church Severely Damaged In Fire

BETHPAGE, NY — A fire caused extensive damage to a church in Bethpage, and now it seeks help from the community to rebuild.

The fire started at the St. Isidoros Greek Orthodox Church, located at 910 Stewart Ave. around 1:40 p.m. on Tuesday. The fire started in the back of the building.

About 75 firefighters from the Bethpage, Levittown, Hicksville, Farmingdale and South Farmingdale fire departments responded to fight the blaze.

The church was unoccupied when the fire started, and no one was injured.

“While we were able to salvage many of our important relics and treasures, most of the artwork and icons were destroyed by the flames and smoke,” the church posted on Facebook. “Unfortunately, most of the interior of the church has been severely damaged.”

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The St. Isidoros community has started a GoFundMe page to help pay for the restoration of the building. You can click here to donate.

For now, the church said it will be holding services at the Convent of St. Sygglitiki, located at 55 Fairview Road in Farmingdale.

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