Benoit’s Tree Care gets special recognition from Hollister | News Free

Benoit’s Tree Care gets special recognition from Hollister | News Free

At the June 2 City of Hollister Aldermen meeting, the city gave a special recognition award to Robby Benoit from Benoit’s Tree Care.

Hollister Mayor Lamar Patton presented Benoit with a recognition of thanks for the help of caring for the ‘urban forests’ in Hollister public spaces and parks.

“I call him Benoit, although I think he goes by Robby most of the time,” Patton said. “Benoit does a lot for us. He helps the city every year with Revive 65, under the radar. He does the tree trimming down on Downing (Street) so food trucks can get in during events. He keeps all those limbs down…He has done that for several years.

“I felt like the work he provides for the city and citizens of Hollister deserved recognition. As well as being a friend of mine, he is a hard worker and a good guy.”

Benoit was scheduled to be honored at the May Aldermen meeting but he could not make it. City officials then rescheduled the presentation to the June 2 meeting.

Benoit was given a letter of recognition, which Patton read from during the meeting.

“On behalf of the elected city officials in the city of Hollister, please accept our sincere appreciation for your and your team’s hard work and extra efforts helping us with a myriad of tree care related needs in our parks, along our right aways and in our city ​​properties. Over the course of the past several years the city’s relationship with Benoit’s Tree Care and specifically you personally have become one of the cornerstones of our ability to care for our city’s urban forests. It takes professionals in all aspects of a team to achieve the excellence Benoit’s is known for. You have certainly always been a big part of that strength. Your personal efforts to ensure the highest quality of arbor care services is greatly appreciated. Your actions are in keeping with the finest traditions of community service. Bringing honor not only upon yourself but Benoit’s Tree Care, the city of Hollister and Missouri’s Ozarks region. Once again accept our appreciation for a job well done.”

Benoit was presented with the letter and a photo of him cutting a tree down by the lake.

Benoit thanked Patton and the board for the honor.

“Thanks for trusting us with the care,” Benoit said. “We had a beautiful gavel to present to (Mayor Patton) that was made by Rick Watson here in town that turns wood that we took out of the heart of (one of the) pecan trees we took down at Hulland Park.”

Benoit said the gavel shattered into pieces due to not being stable enough but he would be presenting the mayor with a piece of the heartwood at a later date.

“Thank you guys, really for the work…Thank you for giving us as much opportunity as we have given you service,” Benoit said. “It means a lot.”

Benoit’s Tree Service has been responsible for taking down pecan trees at Hulland Park, which are at the end of their life expectancy, according to Deputy City Administrator Denise Olmstead. Olmstead told Branson Tri-Lakes News in a previous interview the city would be taking the trees down and replacing them with younger pecan trees to maintain the charm of Hulland Park.

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