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Basement water damages on the rise in Wausau

Basement water damages on the rise in Wausau

WAUSAU, Wisconsin (WSAW) – Basement remediation services have seen a sharp increase in calls over the past two weeks. Northstar Restoration Services serviced over 30 homes in two weeks for water damage in their basement.

“Whenever there is a storm and it rains as much in such a short amount of time as it did a few weeks ago, it gets crowded,” said co-owner Jay Cricks.

Cricks attributed many of the problems to the July 28 storm that cut power in many households in Wausau. The sump pumps were without power and the rain of nearly 2 inches that night could not be stopped.

“We’re at the point where we start to see warped panels, door clamps get warped because they sit for so long,” Cricks said.

“That was the busiest summer we’ve seen in a long time.”

Cricks said that if the sump pump is working, much of the damage is preventable. He suggested a generator as a backup to hook up the sump pump. He also recommends calling a professional if an odor occurs after the water has dried.

“Basement odor problems from just drying the carpet, and that will eventually develop into basement mold problems,” Cricks said.

Cricks recommends making sure your basement is fully covered by insurance in the event of a flood problem.

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