Appliances You Should Never Buy At Lowe’s

Appliances You Should Never Buy At Lowe’s

The private brand problem appeared in several small kitchen appliance categories, in which Highland products were often the only ones available. Even where “competing” products are available, they are usually priced several times more than the private brand. In South Philadelphia locations, for example, the kettles in stock only included the $17.99 Highland model and a $79.99 Haden model.

It would appear that Lowe’s is not the place to shop for small kitchen appliances in general. Based on the stock levels in 30 stores and five metro areas examined, the stores carry almost no competing small appliances other than private brand Highland products, other than a few Black & Decker mixers and blender models in Philadelphia. In the small appliances category, those stores stocked 22 Highland, three Ninja, three LoCo, four Black+Decker, and one Haden product. The Black+Decker and Haden products were only offered in Philadelphia, meaning that the remaining regions sold only Highland products, Ninja blenders, and LoCo fryers (which have no Highland competitors). The presence of Black+Decker tools in the Philadelphia-area locations might be explained by the presence of Stanley Black & Decker’s 560-employee, 364,000-square-foot Allentown Engineered Storage Manufacturing Facility, located just outside of Philadelphia (via Stanley Black & Decker ).

There are a couple of important caveats here: because of the vagaries of supply chain issues, just-in-time delivery patterns, inventory practices, etc., a region could easily be out of many products at one time completely by coincidence. These are simply the findings at the time of writing, which is also a day you might have been shopping for small appliances. Furthermore, just because a store stocks only its private brands in certain categories doesn’t necessarily mean it would stock competitors otherwise. It’s entirely possible Lowe’s would simply get out of the slow cooker market entirely, for example, if it weren’t for the Highland model.

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2022-08-23 21:35:00