Apartment work progressing in Hobart

Apartment work progressing in Hobart

Apartment work progressing in Hobart

An apartment building at 215 East St. was shut down by the Hobart Building Department in July.

John J. Watkins, file, The Times

HOBART — A Hobart apartment owner is closer to receiving a new occupancy certificate as work continues at an apartment building that’s been shut down since July.

Hobart Building Official Karen Hansen said electrical work was nearly finished in the building at 215 East St., and an inspection of the electrical improvements would take place after the work is completed at the apartment owned by Glenwood Properties LLC.

Hansen also told the Board of Public Works and Safety that the HVAC contractor hired by Glenwood Properties was expected to soon present the city with a scope of HVAC work to take place there as well as a signed contract so that a permit can be issued for those improvements.

“Wow, man. What a scene. You can’t make up what we see out here on any given day,” Hobart patrol officer Tommie Tatum said.

“Other than that, all of the items have been indicated that they have been completed,” Hansen said. “Once the HVAC is completed, electrical is completed and proper inspections are done, the final thing will be for Building and Fire departments to each do a final walk-through and issue an updated certificate of occupancy.”

Hansen on Wednesday said it wasn’t yet known how long it would take to finish all the work in the do-not-occupy order Hobart issued in the summer because of multiple code violations at the apartment building.

Attorney Greg Bouwer, who is representing Glenwood Properties, believes efforts to resolve the order could be finished soon.

“A lot of progress has been made, and we expect over the next few days and weeks to complete this entire process,” Bouwer said.

Several city officials on Wednesday seemed pleased with the activity that’s occurred recently at the site, and the Board of Public Works and Safety decided the matter will return to the panel during its March 1 meeting for an update.

“It sounds like we have made a lot of progress, which is very good to hear,” Mayor Brian Snedecor said.

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