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95 mph winds destroy structures, trees in Wildrose

95 mph winds destroy structures, trees in Wildrose

WILDROSE, ND (KUMV) – Northwest North Dakota was ravaged by severe weather Monday night. Strong winds, heavy rain, and large hail left damage in its path, including the small town of Wildrose.

Overwhelming and shocking. That’s how Latoya and Mason Watterud described waking up Tuesday morning to the destruction left in Wildrose throughout the night.

“I just watched our tree snap right in half. You couldn’t even see outside your window because it was blowing and raining so hard. It was dark; it was black,” said Latoya.

Many trees and structures were destroyed due to strong straight-line winds. Emergency managers and the National Weather Service estimated the winds to be around 95 mph between 10:15 and 10:25 pm Monday.

One shed flew blocks away before stopping at another person’s house. Even a roof was torn apart by this system. Now families are working to clean up the mess.

“There’s three trees in the front and three back here. There’s one tree that will have to be professionally done,” said Stacey Sundhagen, who was helping clear her sister-in-law’s house.

It didn’t take long for emergency services to mobilize. Shortly after the brunt of the storm, the Wildrose Volunteer Fire Department and Williams County Sheriff’s Department were able to assist older residents and clear the roadways. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

“I’m just thankful that everyone is safe. There was nobody injured. we have a lot of structural damage; a lot of people are hurting from structural damage but no injuries. That’s a plus,” said Marlyn Vatne, Wildrose Mayor.

Vatne says that water and sewer lines were left unscathed from the storm, and power for most residents was restored this morning.

So far, residents tell Your News Leader they are in high spirits despite the damage; just happy that no one was hurt.

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