3 Signs There’s Hidden Water Damage In Your Home’s Walls

3 Signs There’s Hidden Water Damage In Your Home’s Walls

When too much moisture is trapped in your walls due to a leak from the roof or heavy rain, it tries to get out, and you can notice it when your paint or wallpaper starts to peel suddenly. This is because water affects their ability to stick to the walls, says Reynolds Restoration Services. This can also lead to swelling and a general weakening of the structure of your walls, so the cause needs to be tackled as soon as you notice it.

After fixing the issue in the walls, you need to determine if the exterior damage was only to the paint or if you also need to replace the drywall, via PuroClean. Has the drywall that’s behind the paint become swollen or softened? Then the damaged sections need to be cut out and filled in with new, water-resistant drywall. Glidden recommends glossy paint that has been created for high-humidity areas. When choosing new wallpaper, Wallpaper Boulevard recommends solid vinyl because it can withstand high-moisture levels in the air.

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2022-08-15 19:09:00