🌳 We’re talking Philly trees

🌳 We’re talking Philly trees

You’re in for another gorgeous day around the region with highs expected to be in the 70s before taking another dip later this week.

With spring coming up and trees starting to regain their bloom, we take a look at who is responsible for them – from maintenance to damage.

And ever open a potato chip bag and wonder why there are so few chips? Welcome to a little thing called “shrinkflation.” And in 2022, it’s not only affecting that bag of Doritos.

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Did you know the city will send out an arborist to cut down a tree in an emergency? Or that there are certain types of trees defined as “heritage trees” and are protected under the city’s Home Rule Charter?

With spring just around the corner and trees slowly returning to full bloom, we tackle the perennial questions when it comes to who’s responsible for all things trees. Here’s a sample:

🌳 Can I cut down branches from my neighbor’s tree that are on my property? Legally, yes, you are allowed to trim a branch that’s invading your property. But it can get complicated. In Philadelphia, unless you and the neighbor agree otherwise, you have to pay the cost of pruning. Plus, you need a certified arborist to determine if it’s a heritage tree to avoid getting in trouble.

🌳 What if I want a street tree removed? Parks and Recreation is the best place to call. It works with contracted arborists to determine the condition of a tree and handle its removal. However, the city will not remove a healthy street tree or any tree that isn’t considered a hazard.

🌳 Who’s responsible for the tree busting up my sidewalk? The short answer is you. Under Philadelphia Property Maintenance Code, the property owner is responsible for the condition of the sidewalk. However, if the tree is on the sidewalk, you can’t cut it yourself — it’s not your property — but you are still responsible for fixing the sidewalk.

Our reporter Michelle Myers has answers to more questions around tree emergencies, legalities, and whom to contact in almost every situation.

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This might be the true meaning of the adage “Less is more.”

Companies are grappling with the highest inflation in 40 years. So now the question becomes how do they pass along rising costs without obvious price hikes that drive customers away?

Philly, meet “shrinkflation.”

While consumers are keenly focused on the price of goods, they are less aware of small changes to the size or volume of products. Shaving a few pretzels or cookies from familiar packaging or reducing the size of a drink container ever so slightly can save companies money. And consumers often don’t notice they’re paying the same for less.

“Shrinkflation is a way to disguise inflation, and we see it commonly with food and beverages, or disposables like garbage bags, things with a lot of turnover,” said Chris Motola, a financial analyst at MerchantMaverick.com, a comparison site for small businesses shopping for financial services.

Motola also says: “This is not a new thing.”

Our reporter Erin Arvedlund takes a close look at shrinkflation so you can better keep an eye out on what to look for.

A little bit of history on a Wednesday. Today’s question: Which prominent local family’s business started with a gunpowder mill in the 1800s? Take a guess and find the answer here.

a. The Wyeth Family

b. The Campbell Family

c. The DuPont Family

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